12 Years a Chronic

oh yes I did…

Twelve new projects I did to stop chronic illness overwhelm, ennui, deterioration.

#1 Foundation in Art and Design, Camberwell College of Art, full of young people and me super ill, really didn’t cope well. # 2 Complementary Medicine Practitioner (Swedish massage) In deepest Kent, Snodland…..they all thought I was right up my own arse, proper special, and yes I was. #3 Nutrition Course which after a couple of months and two brilliant essays submitted the college was disbanded! Honouring the leftover students, but hey who wants qualifications from a defunct college. #4 Jewellery. This was a big event, my living room covered in beads and silver wire for years.

Made in Wales 2016

#5 Painting again

first oil painting 2009

#6 AAT (Accounts Technician) Surprising really that I really enjoyed it, it was very difficult and a massive challenge.#7 Attempted Parliamentary Candidate for Local Labour Party 2017 (4th out of 4) so not very successful. It was a glorious shit show of self interested power hungry malevolence. (sour grapes anyone?) The person they picked walked out and was never seen again… and then the next one lost the GE with a glorious 19000ish deficit. #8 Cooking. Always and Ever was it so….#9 Sewing. I tried to make bags, purses, jewellery, all sorts of stuff. #10 Reading, #11 Parenting ;that word sounds like its being shared. Parenti might work, I parenti.

Dream Team 2011

(Oh lets not forget#1 basket making, not even finished one, but I have plenty of bamboo cane.) there are many more little projects, but ya know… those are what came to mind.

a flat…basket

#? and now my latest, a new course, signed up in the middle of the coronavirus and personal palliative endgame, which shall remain private for some time. I did think perhaps I was being a little impulsive, reckless even; 12 months? Would I make it to that hallowed end?

Imagination is a curious and powerful multi-faceted tool, like a Swiss army knife, which has my past , present and future all wrapped up in it, so if I make it so, prepare and plan, work and scramble for I may create something that is strong enough to pull me up out of the sick bed should the need arise. My son does that but just as old age inevitably leads to death, nature abhors a vacuum, so I will not give it one to suck me out of.

Published by julia

Hi. My name is Julia, I live with a lung disability, causing all kinds of physical hurdles, and to be honest I am just trying to reach the end of each day with a sense of personal meaning and accomplishment. This blog is part of that goal, a human satellite spitting out data. I really look forward to hearing something back!

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