Staying Healthy Appetite Anyone?

What’s the most important thing anyone can do for themselves? Eat Well and Be Mobile? However if you rely on traditional advice and the NHS you will be disappointed. There’s big gap between what I know I have to eat to aid healing and health and the food I actually get to eat. So 16Continue reading “Staying Healthy Appetite Anyone?”

A Sheroes Quest

this week, while in tooth ache hell, I have been watching a load of films, which all had the theme of the elderly or ill road tripping to find the lost loves of their youth, usually against the better judgement of their close family, aided by the youngest, for “one last chance” at love andContinue reading “A Sheroes Quest”

managing expectations part two

I wasn’t expecting the process of mourning to increase in intensity. I thought it’d be some zen like nirvana, but instead I’m wracked by uncontrollable bursts of tears, I feel like a bear with a sore head. I am in isolation because I don’t fit the outside world, I’m too slow, my breath holds meContinue reading “managing expectations part two”

Sleeping Beauty

Turns out we don’t all live forever and other happy endings…and this is the cycle of life, and natural, but I do wonder what to do when I get up now….. Should I bother? The question I am  facing is this: When all has been stripped away, the husbands the children the ambition the future,Continue reading “Sleeping Beauty”

Keeping on keeping on

…. so I started this blog as with every new venture full of excitement and inspiration, in my minds eye I saw myself have new and insightful things to write about every week, and would end up writing a weekly column in the Sunday Supplements, and be invited onto every hip new podcast going, maybeContinue reading “Keeping on keeping on”

Getting back to yourself

To say I’m not affected by the image of myself as chronically ill or disabled would be untrue. But in reality its the fact of it which I really resent. What people think or how I’m judged can be a shallow annoyance. But a powerful thing. I feel written off. I become someone either toContinue reading “Getting back to yourself”

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