A Brief History of My Time

After a diagnosis in 2007, I was told by a 20 something Dr. that I had probably two years to live, and laughed when I mentioned my work, saying “oh you won’t be going back, you’ll be spending a lot of time here while we try and figure out what’s the best option for you”.Continue reading “A Brief History of My Time”

Bad Dog Day

….perhaps you know the one, the day before was great, yoga session, friends visiting, positive phone calls and errands, food delivery, great night of TV and planning ahead, then BAM.. 6.39, you wake, agitated and hungover,(oh did I forget to mention the double shot of Brandy, the shame), and all reasons to be cheerful suckedContinue reading “Bad Dog Day”

architectural delights

I was feeling in need of some guidance, depressed and bewildered by the situation and circumstances I was facing, seemingly alone, and I googled goddesses or women of power desperately looking for some kind of resonant wisdom and what struck me was only a handful of women showed up. In all the internet information ofContinue reading “architectural delights”

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