This blog is about an inner life, the confusing, strange, constantly changing whirlpool of ideas behind the eyes. It is intensely private and difficult to articulate. I like to share and read others thoughts because it clears the air , refreshes me, helps define my boundaries and this blog is my contribution


I am beginning to realise that my memories are not wholly my own as I share them on this blog, extruded into the biosphere I am reminded of details I had forgotten or mislaid, or filed under NOT currently important, sometimes “no it wasn’t like that, it was like this”. This has been a welcomeContinue reading “Inception”


it used to be that I was slightly self conscious about people always seeing me on the sofa asleep, or just doing stuff. I live in a bungalow and the living room feels like a fish bowl, as nightfall came I was always in a rush to close the curtains as it got darker andContinue reading “self-consciousness”


I was open then. Literally living on a whim. All my clothes were homemade. Scotland. Living on a peace camp. In a caravan on the side of the road. Physically I would go anywhere. More or less with anyone. To do anything. I hitch hiked up and down the UK. Drove to Europe. Flew toContinue reading “Open”


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Hi, my name is Julia Assad, I have a lung disability, preventing adequate oxygen to be absorbed into my blood stream. I am vulnerable and weak after even the smallest exertion. Its degenerative and recently I was taken off the Live Lung Transplant list after 3 years as I am now too ill for such stuff. I think its fair to say life can be hard, for everyone, my disabilities create situations that I am excluded from, and others that only I can access. This is true of any one. And like the child learning to walk we accommodate the pace. I have 24/7 oxygen tube in my nose and have to carry a 7kg oxygen tank if I go out, which I do. In this blog I pull a part the thread of my life and illness, and see, on reflection “why ain’t this bitch dead already”

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